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        Illinois Mask Requirements: How to wear a face mask correctl

        Writer: admin Time:2020-04-29 08:25 Browse:

        We're all adjusting to wearing face masks, but since you will be required to wear one in public beginning May 1, it's important to know how do so correctly to protect yourself and others.
        Experts say wearing a face mask is becoming the new normal in the time of coronavirus, to help keep everyone safe.
        "If I were to be coughing, it would be concealed within my mask," explained Katrina Espiritu, infection prevention specialist at Lurie Children's Hospital. "Or if somebody facing me was coughing at me, I would also be protected from that as well."
        Under Illinois' new mask order, most residents will be required to wear a face covering in public when social distancing isn't possible.
        Espiritu says to prevent contamination, remember to wash your hands before and after putting on a mask or face covering.
        "I like to put it over my ears first, security that way, spread it out and then shape it to my nose," she said.

        Doctors say masks should cover your nose and mouth and fit comfortably, allowing you to breathe. That will be easier to achieve with a professionally-made or medical-grade mask, as opposed to a homemade face covering made with a bandana and a couple of hair ties.
        There are lots of "how to make your own mask" videos online, and masks are also for sale on the internet or available through various giveaways.
        You should clean your mask regularly, unless it is disposable and not reusable.
        Wearing a mask is not the only way you to protect yourself. Officials and experts say in addition to face coverings, you should remember to practice social distancing and continue washing your hands often.


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