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          +86-18826077798  Tommy@eastsun.online


        Hefei Medpro Healthcare Co.,Ltd.

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        Medpro (Hefei, China) Healthcare Co., Ltd was established in 2003, which is one of the earliest and most professional manufacturers for medical protective productions, our company located in the science and education city of Hefei and beautiful Huangshan city. We are always committed to reducing hospital infection and improving the occupational protection with the motto of Honesty, Responsibility and Thanksgiving, focusing on the researching ,producing and marketing for the top disposable medical protective productions and medical dressing, as the partner of Fortune 500 Companies, such as DuPont, 3M, Merck, and so on. Medpro’s products are favored by domestic and foreign customers.
        Medpro is the first national company who produce Medical Disposable Protective Apparel for Chinese, and its brand Medpro enjoy high reputation in the market. In 2003, the National Quality Inspection Bureau announced the first batch of qualified enterprises against SARS, we are glory to be one of them. In 2004, Medpro was designated as the preferred unit of local governments procurement to control “Bird Flu”. In 2008, When China Wenchuan big earthquake happened, Medpro’s products were designated by the General Logistics Department of PLA for earthquake relief. In 2009, Medpro was awarded the“National Key Reserves Suppliers” in prevention of influenza A (HIN1) virus infection by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of P.R.C.
        Medpro’s manufacturing and quality control are strictly operated according with the international standard, which approved by Germany TUV for ISO13485. and CE Certification. Every year, Medpro invest hugely in innovation, own several patent and establish a long-term cooperation with Tsinghua University and Hefei University of Technology etc. In 2008, When the SFDA organized and drafted “The Industry Standard of Surgical Gowns”,Medpro was honored to be one of the reviewed companies. Since 2010, Medpro acted as the vice-chairman unit of Anhui Medical Devices Industry Association. In the year of 2011, Medpro became the first company who was authenticated through GMP in Hefei city. In 2012, Medpro was awarded the honorable title of national high-tech enterprise. Medpro acts as the vice-council of chambers of commerce for import and export, which was also awarded China's Medical Protective Fabrics Production & Export Base.




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