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          +86-18826077798  Tommy@eastsun.online


        Haian Medigauze Co.,Ltd

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        Haian Medigauze Co.,Ltd.(Nantong Medigauze Import&Export Co.,LTD ) is a professional manufacturer of medical dressings new ventures, the company set up factories since 2001, its high-speed and effective operation of the project will urge the world to win. Existing investments $ 5,000,000, the enterprise has a group of professional, younger marketing management team, was included in the export of key enterprises in Nantong City.
        The company is located in Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, Binhai New Area diagonal MSC County town covers an area of ??28,000 square meters, plant construction area of ??12,000 square meters, including air conditioning closed nearly 8,000 square meters of production workshop. Factory grassy area, a beautiful environment, bright and spacious factory is based medical products requires design and construction, the company has a capable team of knowledgeable technicians and management personnel, existing production can supply 200/40 ft. containers. The adoption of advanced detection equipment and has extensive experience in corporate management, in June 2006 audit by TUV achieved ISO13485: 2003 quality system certification. In December 2006 the company has import and export right, so that it can better serve customers, on-time delivery. In recent years, product quality and stability, excellent quality and service to win the pious reputation and market, products are exported to Europe; America; Asia more than 30 countries and regions.
        The beautiful environment and a high level of management, ushered in praise at home and abroad, for many years was named "the contract and trustworthy, Nantong advanced units" and "civilized unit in Jiangsu Province."
        MSC County MEGA Health Products Co. has broad prospects for development.
        Haian Medigauze Co.,Ltd


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