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          +86-18826077798  Tommy@eastsun.online


        Xiantao Xingrong Protective Products Co.,Ltd.

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        Xingrong Protective Products Co., Ltd, founded in 2003, is located in China`s largest production base of non-woven products: Pengchang, Xiantao, which is very near to the WuHan port. The factory, covering an area of more than 10,000 square meters, is a professional enterprise integrating development, production, and sales.
        The main products are disposable face masks, shoe covers, caps, surgical gowns, and other disposable products for health protection, which are widely used in hospitals, electronics factories, food industry, beauty salons, decoration project, cleaning and daily life and other fields.
        Xingrong always pursue the modern management philosophy,"the best products, the superior sevice, the advanced management".Fully displaying the local resource advantages, we expand the market outside, intensify the management inside and ISO9001 quality management system runs well in product design, material purchase, customer sevice. Moreover, we have got CE certification and listed FDA.
        Under the relentless pursuit of the Xingrong family, the production capacity, technology, and product quality has reached international advanced level. Our products have been sold all over the world, such as Europe, America, Middle East, Japan, and etc. In the principle of "honesty, quality and service first", the Xingrong family sincerely welcome the partnerships at home and abroad, joining hands in creating a brilliant future! We will provide an even wider variety of higher quality products and better service to enrich your daily life!




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        Phone: +86-18826077798

        Email: Tommy@eastsun.online

        Add: Xinle Road, Maan Town,Huizhou city, Guangdong Province, China